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What is DéjàClick?

DéjàClick is compatible with Firefox versions 3.6 - 38
» Super bookmarks

DéjàClick™ by AlertSite® is a Web recorder and free super bookmark utility designed exclusively for Firefox. It is easy and fast to use. Install it, and in seconds you can bookmark a multi-step recording. Then, with just one click, navigate to your endpoint Web page. Got a package or an order you want to track? Have a favorite category at an on-line auction site? Tired of going through the steps to log into your e-mail? Use DéjàClick by AlertSite to automatically access any destination URL.

This versatile, efficient Web utility is yours for FREE.

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» Additional features available to DéjàClick™ Community members

ScriptShare - Share your great web experiences with friends, colleagues, and other DéjàClick users.

Test On Demand - Replay your DéjàClick script remotely and see how your website looks from across the world.

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» Web and mobile transaction monitoring with AlertSite

Incorporated into AlertSite's Business Transaction Monitor, DéjàClick by AlertSite is a dynamic Web monitoring tool for both standard and mobile sites.

Web monitoring is a powerful way to ensure that your Web pages and applications are performing seamlessly. AlertSite monitoring provides performance metrics and diagnostics for your business transactions from multiple worldwide locations 24 hours a day.


  • End-user perspective: measure transactions and discover problems before they affect end users.
  • Third-party content management: analyze content distribution problems and determine the impact on end users.
  • Faster diagnosis: save time by identifying the source of performance problems in as few as three clicks.
  • Competitive analysis: compare your site's transaction speed to those of your competitors.

Learn more here, or contact an AlertSite Performance Advisor toll free at 877.302.5378 or email

We're looking for Mozilla Extension developers to help us with the DéjàClick Project.  Please send a résumé to if you're interested.

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